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Monday, September 27, 2010

Nokia Considering Win Phone 7?

Nokia Considering Win Phone 7?: "Rumours are par for the course when you cover the tech industry and every once in a while you come across a real humdinger that you just have to report on. This is just such a rumour. Basically the story goes that Nokia's new CEO, Stephen Elop, has been given permisison by Nokia's board to explore every option in his attempt to roll back the years of decline. Part of 'exploring all options' is apparently considering using Windows Phone 7. All of this comes from VentureBeat by the way, who are citing an undisclosed source.

It's certainly conceivable that Elop could be exploring a range of options, indeed that would be a highly sensible move, but could this really mean Nokia finally shifting its software strategy? At the time of writing this is highly doubtful, not least of all because of the massive amount of resources Nokia have invested in Symbian and MeeGo. Hell it was just the other day that the outgoing CEO was saying that using Android would be akin to Nokia peeing itself to keep warm!

Some might argue that Elop's background at Microsoft makes using Windows Phone 7 a no brainer, but it just doesn't stack up. Take Nokia's Ovi Maps, for example, which they've recently been using to bash Google. Would they really give that up to use the default mapping services installed on Windows Phone 7 handsets? What about theOvi Store? It looks like too much for Nokia to give up."

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