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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GSMA Partners With Zokem at the Biggest Mobile Event of the Year to Report the Latest in Mobile Usage

GSMA Partners With Zokem at the Biggest Mobile Event of the Year to Report the Latest in Mobile Usage: "

GSMA published results from the US and UK based smartphone research study by Zokem at the Mobile World Congress which started today in Barcelona. The report highlights that native apps, boosted by the high number of preinstalled apps and success of various app stores, are overtaking mobile web browser in terms of monthly usage, and are second only to messaging in usage activity.

Barcelona, Spain – February 14, 2011 – GSMA today announced new results from the January 2011 smartphone study by Zokem, shedding some light around the usage of mobile apps and web browsing. The study, which is based on Zokem’s smartphone panels, profiled more than 2 200 smartphone users in the UK and US in January 2011, concluding that messaging related services, including email, text, multimedia, and instant messaging, are still the top smartphone usage category with 671 monthly minutes of usage (active on-the-screen time).

Apps, combining together maps, gaming, entertainment, productivity, and social networking, are close with 667 total monthly usage minutes. Voice (531 minutes) and web browsing (422 minutes) are clearly behind apps and messaging in terms of monthly usage activity.

The report reveals some interesting facts also regarding native apps and web browser usage. News, search and commerce apps and sites receive much more usage still from mobile web browsers, with 86%, 85% and 66% of mobile web browser users using them monthly, respectively. However, only 22% of web browser users access web-based email services, and only 18% use games through a web browser. For email, native apps reach 76% of smartphone users monthly, and games reach 45%.

Multimedia related services, like online music and video, are predominantly used through native apps rather than a smartphone web browser. Adult entertainment, on the other hand, receives practically zero usage from native apps, however, 15% of smartphone users in the UK and US access such sites with the web browser monthly. Apps and web browsing usage patterns, therefore, are quite different, and the usage balance between browsers vs. native apps is driven by the type of app in question.

“These results from our January 2011 news release from the UK and US confirm something that is fundamental for many app developers and advertisers – namely the fact that with smartphones, the web browser is not the only way to access consumers’ attention, but all kinds of native apps from games to business apps, and from maps to social networking, already capture more than 20 minutes of average daily on-screen time from smartphone users, topping, actually, web browser usage. Our report with GSMA is aimed to address these new smartphone usage trends, which are, as we know, changing at an extremely fast phase”, states Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Zokem.

MWC Daily (Zokem on page 6)

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