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Monday, August 22, 2011

155 million American mobile phone users don’t use smartphones

155 million American mobile phone users don’t use smartphones:

ComScore’s latest survey data shows the following net user gains in the US smartphone installed base:

In summary, the key data points for June:

  • 2.8 million new smartphone users in three month period ending June (vs three month period ending May)

  • Of the total 78.5 million users, about one million switched platforms

  • RIM had a net loss of about 600k users

  • WebOS lost about 195k users

  • “Other” (mostly Symbian) lost 273k users

  • Windows Mobile/Phone reversed two months of decline and added 100k users

  • iPhone added 452k users (considerably below its approximately 1 million/month run rate for last four months)

  • Android gained 2.2 million users, consistent with average over 7 months.

  • Platform “churn” was at 1.36%, about average over three months

Installed platform shares for the US market are shown in the following chart

Platform Installed base vs. non-smart devices is shown below:

The penetration of smartphones slowed down in June (though that seems to be seasonal). The following chart shows weekly smartphone adds (or feature phone losses as total user base has held constant.)

Averaging the adoption rate over six months gives a “tipping point” forecast (50% penetration) of October 1st, 2012. That still means that 155 million American mobile phone users don’t use smartphones.


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