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Thursday, September 01, 2011

40 Percent of U.S. Mobile Users Own Smartphones; 40 Percent are Android

40 Percent of U.S. Mobile Users Own Smartphones; 40 Percent are Android:

Don Kellogg, Director of Telecom Research and Insights

Forty percent of mobile consumers over 18 in the U.S. now have smartphones, according to July 2011 data from Nielsen. Android is the most popular operating system, with 40 percent of mobile consumers reporting they have a smartphone with an Android OS. Apple’s iOS is in second place, with 28 percent.smartphone-marketshare

Among those who say they are likely to get a new smartphone in the next year, approximately one third say they want their next smartphone to be an iPhone and one third say they want an Android device. However, among those who say they are usually the first to embrace new technologies, “Innovators” or the earliest of early adopters, Android leads as the “Next Desired Operating System” – 40 percent for Android compared to 32 percent for iOS. (Survey respondents were asked several questions to determine their attitudes toward new technologies.)


Among likely smartphone upgraders, it is the “Late Adopters” who are most likely to say they are “not sure” which operating system they’d like in their next smartphone. In politics as in smartphones, these “undecideds” will be the ones device makers will be hoping to win over.

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