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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arbitron Mobile Infographics, May 2012

Arbitron Mobile Infographics, May 2012:
These infographics shine a spotlight on mobile consumers and their time with smartphones and tablets. The infographics illuminate how consumers use their devices to communicate, work, play with apps, surf the web, engage with social media, participate in e-commerce, and how they are exposed to and act on advertising.
The infographics are based on Arbitron Mobile’s U.S. and European panels, which we built to provide marketers, content providers, app developers,and wireless access suppliers with key metrics and trends for this dynamic new media ecosystem.
News & info usage on tablets is 4 times greater than on smartphonesOnline video usage on tablets is 2.6 times greater than on smartphones Tablet users spend an average of 319 minutes per month on games Maps & navigation are used more minutes per month on smartphones than tablets Wi Fi drives 92% of tablet usage

Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels™ is a trademark of Arbitron Inc.

How the Data Are Compiled

Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels™ services in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, and Finland are based on opt-in panels of mobile devices users. These panelists voluntarily install a proprietary, on-device software meter, which allows marketers, content providers, app developers, and wireless access suppliers to better understand how mobile consumers use their tablets and smartphones.
The service can detail how people use their smartphones and tablets to access apps, surf the web, engage in social media, participate in e-commerce, view and act on advertising, and employ their devices to communicate.
The service also tracks online usage both over Wi Fi and cellular networks as well as offline and online apps and web usage.
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