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Friday, September 28, 2012

Gain a 360° View of the Smartphone and Tablet Audience

Gain a 360° View of the Smartphone and Tablet Audience:

Understand smartphone and tablet use in three key dimensions.
Reach: The horizontal axis specifies the percent of the participants in the Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels™ service who used a category of service over the course of a month.
Frequency: The vertical axis illustrates how many days each month that users of an app category accessed the service.
Engagement: The size of the bubbles indicates how many minutes of screen time users spent each month with the app category.
For example: Games were used by 60.5% of the Arbitron Mobile Trends panelists in the United States over the course of a typical month during the first quarter of 2012. These panelists accessed game apps an average of 16 days each month, and spent an average of 373 minutes playing everything from Angry Birds to Tap Zoo.

The Arbitron Mobile Advantage

We provide research products that allow you to gain access to unique data through passive, on-device measurements by reporting how smartphone and tablet users in the panel:
  • Access apps and content, play games, surf the web, and consume media, online and offline
  • Are exposed to and act on advertising and marketing
  • Engage in mobile commerce (shopping and payments)
  • Connect with social media

Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels™ Service

Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels service is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, and Finland. The service is based on opt-in panels of smartphone and tablet users.

Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels™ is a trademark of Arbitron Inc.
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