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Thursday, October 25, 2012

[Infographic] The Mobile Industry in Numbers

[Infographic] The Mobile Industry in Numbers:
Presenting our latest infographic – The Mobile Industry in Numbers – the H1 2012 edition of the 100 Million Club, the watchlist of the top mobile platforms and handset manufacturers. This infographic will give you some insights into the mobile market and help put things into perspective.
Here are some of the insights from the infographic:

- Smartphone sales penetration continues to accelerate, growing from nearly 30% in Q3 2011 to nearly 40% in Q2 2012

- Nearly 2 out of every 3 smartphones shipped in H1 2012 were Android devices

- Despite low device sales, the Windows platform already has over 100K available apps in Windows Marketplace

- Although Symbian is obsolete, it still has a sizable installed base – larger than bada and Windows Phone combined

- In the handset market, Apple and Samsung account for 63% of revenues and over 98% of the profits, depriving other vendors of oxygen and therefore the ability to invest in handset differentiation and marketing

- In the smartphone market, Apple and Samsung claim more than half of total shipments. Nokia is shipping more Symbian handsets than WP handsets and their smartphone share has fallen to 7%, down from 16% in H2 2011

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