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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Validating the Android engagement paradox

Validating the Android engagement paradox:
Following yesterday’s IBM data, Monetate released a new study showing similar data related to retail browsing but covering a period of dates from Q3 2011 to Q3 2012.
This data also shows an acceleration of mobile shopping, from 7.7% of online in Q3 2011 to 18.8% in Q3 2012.

It also shows tablets growing to take about half of mobile traffic in a very short time frame.

The data also shows the iPad taking the vast bulk of traffic among tablets (88.9% vs. 88.3% from IBM).

The data also shows the iPhone taking 61% of phone traffic (67% from IBM) with the rest being Android.

The data shows the share of iOS being 74% in Q3 while IBM reports 77% for Black Friday.

The data also shows a very small participation from Kindle and Android tablets.

Finally, by using the install base data from ComScore, the data shows an absolute and relative decline in Android engagement. Android phones went from 0.47 of iPhone engagement to 0.4 in one year.

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