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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Acer Announces Alive Application Store

Acer Announces Alive Application Store: "

Acer announced that it will launch its application store next month. The store is called Acer Alive and will offer a range of content types, from applications to music, movies and ebooks. The store will initially be launched in the UK and Italy this December, and will be rolled-out to more countries in the first quarter of 2011. Alive will be made available across all Acer’s consumer devices worldwide, including netbooks, notebooks, smartphones and tablets.

image via Engadget

The store will enable Acer customers to browse, purchase, stream and download content to their Acer device. Alive will contain five different sections of content:

  • in the Listen section alive will offer music, audiobooks, radios, podcasts and other types of audio entertainment content

  • in the Watch area alive will provide movies, TV series, TV Channels, video podcasts and other types of short videos, like Music videos

  • in the Read section alive will deliver e-books, e-magazines and e-newspapers as well as single news, articles and blogs

  • in the Play area alive users will be able to find games of any kind

  • in the Application section alive will offer all the most common application categories, like Business & Finance, Lifestyle & Leisure, Learning, Travel & Navigation, Productivity, etc.

Free and paid content is presented to users via real-time feeds directly managed by content providers. Content updates are as instant and discoverable as Twitter feeds. Customers can keep their content purchase history in their MyLibrary section and share them across different Acer Group devices.

Acer will pre-install the Alive store on all new devices and offer it for download online to existing customers. The store interface will be customized by device type.

To purchase applications or subscribe to content channels, users need to create an account and provide their credit card information, to which purchases will be billed.

Adobe and Intel are some of the content providers of the applications section, delivering Adobe AIR applications and content from the Intel AppUp store. We will add Alive to when it is launched.


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