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Thursday, November 04, 2010

China Unicom renames its application storefront to Wostore

China Unicom renames its application storefront to Wostore: "

wostore China Unicom renames its application storefront to Wostore

Similarly to China Mobile which has its own flavor of Android (OPhone), China Unicom has been working on UPhone and the accompanying Ustore application market. That store now has a new name, supporting not only Android, but other mobile platforms as well.

The new name is Wostore, with WO coming from the brand of the carrier’s 3G offering. From what we’ve seen (Wostore can already be accessed via the web), the store supports quite a few handsets and has already attracted few thousand developers.

The introduction of an app store is seen as part of China Unicom’s strategy to embrace smartphones. The carrier is known as Apple’s partner, but it also offers some BlackBerry models.

In addition to China Unicom, two other operators in the world’s fastest growing economy, China Mobile and China Telecom, also have mobile app stores of their own with (obviously) China Mobile leading the way, both in terms of number of developers and apps…

[Via: MobileBusinessBriefing]

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