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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tablet sales hit 100 million in 2013 – iPad, Android to dominate

Tablet sales hit 100 million in 2013 – iPad, Android to dominate: "
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Buoyed by the success of the Apple iPad and Android devices, the tablet market is supposed to hit 100 million units by 2013, according to research from DigiTimes.

According to the research:

Smartphones, tablet PCs and notebooks will all become the mainstream terminal devices in the mobile Internet market in the future with smartphone shipments having a chance to reach 800 million units in 2013, up more than double from 2010, with tablet PCs at 100 million units and notebooks 300 million units.

The Apple iPad is expected to take the lion’s share of sales in this market for 2010, as it has essentially defined the market. This will come despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is coming to five major U.S. carriers and to Best Buy as a Wi-Fi only model eventually.

It looks like Android will take some time to crack the tablet market but it may be inevitable because of how many device makers are going to use this to power tablets. IMS Research said Android will get 15% of the tablet market in 2011 and 28% by 2015.

We’re expecting some cool Android-powered devices from major handset makers. LG is rumored to be coming out with a Tegra2-powered device with the Honeycomb OS. Honeycomb will also power Motorola’s 7-inch tablet, which is being called the MotoPad.

Apple will have a revamped iPad next year and we’re expecting it to sport multiple cameras for FaceTime and some other improvements. This device will likely be a success too, as Apple seems to have to Midas touch with anything mobile lately.

It’s not just iOS and Android in this space though, as Research In Motion is aiming its Playbook at the enterprise market and this thing looks pretty good. IntoMobile is still very curious about what HP and Palm have up its sleeve with the oft-rumored PalmPad – we still think webOS on a tablet could be great.

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