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Friday, November 12, 2010

Rumor: Original Nexus S tossed in favor of dual-core version already in testing

Rumor: Original Nexus S tossed in favor of dual-core version already in testing: "

Samsung NexusS Newsletter1 Rumor: Original Nexus S tossed in favor of dual core version already in testingYesterday was a Nexus S galore for the mobile space with leaks left and right. Today we’re hearing a rumor that the original Nexus S, or what we referred to as the Nexus Two at one point, was scrapped in favor of a dual-core version of the phone which is currently in testing. The rumor going around also says that the dual-core set up was not playing very well with Android 2.3 – the version we’re probably going to be seeing on the Nexus S.

According to Android and Me:

Speaking of the delay, this is where the story gets good. The original Nexus S was ready to be announced on November 8th and go on sale November 11th, but someone high up pulled the plug at the last minute after hearing reports that testers were not impressed with the hardware specs.

We reported that the original Nexus S was basically an overclocked Galaxy S and it turns out that as pretty accurate.

Now Samsung has chosen to go with a dual-core processor, which we didn’t really expect to see till January. Testers with access to the Nexus S have reported seeing two versions of the phone which look fairly similar but the old one is single-core and the new one is dual-core.

If the rumor is true, perhaps the delay could be for the best. It’s better to get everything done right rather than rushing out a product (perhaps one of the reasons Samsung’s Galaxy Tab got mixed reviews). However, the rumor about the leaks of the Nexus S we’ve seen so far almost stretch to the point of conspiracy theory:

So who would edit a picture of a non-final Nexus S and mock it up so it appeared like it would be the retail version? And why did this person decide to release the pics to Engadget on the same day that the phone was supposed to launch? I’ve heard a lot of different theories, but I believe this was a Samsung orchestrated leak to ensure the buzz kept growing even though they knew the product had been delayed.

Perhaps it’s a stretch of the imagination, although maybe not entirely impossible, to believe that this whole entire thing was set into motion by Samsung. Then again, sources with info for this new phone suddenly started crawling out of the woodwork, so Samsung might have just had a difficult time keeping details under wraps.

[Via: AndroidandMe]

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