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Monday, November 08, 2010

HTC Launching App Store

HTC Launching App Store: "You're nobody in the smartphone game unless you have your own app store it seems and working from that logic HTC are apparently getting ready to launch their own store. The Financial Times is reporting that the Taiwanese company is hiring new staff for the project including content editors for the planned store, with plans to sell things like e-books and magazines in addition to the more traditional offerring of apps.

HTC has already launched its service so an app store isn't ahuge leap of the imagination beyond those cloud based services. It would also take HTC into the ranks of Samsung with its own store and Sony Ericsson, which offers various content through its PlayNow service.

The question of course is does the world need yet another app store? Probably not would be the answer, but it seems we're going to get one anyway."

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