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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Android Ad Requests up 2182% Since January, Now Tied with iOS

Android Ad Requests up 2182% Since January, Now Tied with iOS: "

For the first time ever, Android has tied with Apple's iOS platform in terms of mobile ad impressions on Millennial Media's mobile advertising network, according to its latest monthly report. Android's mobile operating system has seen rapid gains over the course of 2010, and has increased its ad requests by 2182% since January, growing at a rate of 65% month-over-month.

Android now has a 37% impression share, as does Apple's iOS, says Millennial Media.


According to the new data, Apple is still the leading device on Millennial's network, representing 25% of the top 15 manufacturers by impression share during the month of October. Samsung is the number two manufacturer, with 17% and Motorola has now become the number three manufacturer, with a nearly 15% share.

Top Devices

Two new Motorola devices - the Droid 2 and the Droid X - also made their way onto the charts this month, appearing in the #18 and #11 spots on the top 30 Devices list, respectively.

RIM devices were found in six spots on the list, with the Blackberry Curve in the number two position, forcing the Motorola Droid down to the number four spot. The iPod Touch was also added to the list this month, and now comes in at #3.

Of all manufacturers, Samsung grew the most (around 3%) mostly due to its new devices the Vibrant Galaxy S, Samsung Smooth and Samsung SCH-R451.


Now Tracking 'Connected Devices' Too

For the first time, Millennial has begun tracking 'connected devices' - which includes any 'non-phone' with a Wi-Fi connection. This is why the iPod Touch suddenly appeared at the top of the list, for example. The company also tracked the iPad, reporting that it has seen ad requests increase 112% month-over-month.

Clearly separating out the iPad and iPod Touch from the iPhone should help deal with some of the confusion (see also: All Things D's analysis) surrounding Millennial;s data, like what we saw last month when the report included figures comparing the iPhone to Android, saying Android generates more revenue. It seemed odd, given that a chart elsewhere showed iOS's dominance in impression share.

This month, we can easily see Android's jump: iOS vs. Android was 46% to 29%. Now it's 37% to 37%, even. You can compare the difference in the two charts below. The top chart is September, the bottom chart is October.


Plus we now have a better understanding of where the iPad (#9) and the iPod Touch (#3) fit in with the rest of the mobile landscape, which we believe is a change for the better. Connected devices may not be 'mobile' in some people's eyes (see Mark Zuckberg's comment: 'iPad isn't mobile'), but for those interested in tracking ad share and impressions, they're still important items to analyze.



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